Bread & Butter Club Member Profile: Desiree Townsend


Despite growing up nearby in Westminster, Desiree didn’t know much about Project Angel Heart before her 2020 job search. But service has always been at the center of everything she does personally and professionally, and she quickly connected with the mission after joining the team.

Desiree especially appreciates that we are helping people in multiple ways. Providing medically modified meals to people who are living with a life-threatening illness is the core of our work but for many people we are also providing human connection they wouldn’t otherwise receive.

“We all experienced some sense of isolation in the last year and it gave me real insight into what many of our clients feel when they are homebound.”

Desiree Townsend, Bread & Butter Club Member

Like many staff members, Desiree also pitched in during the spring of 2020 to dish up and pack meals to ensure no client went without the delicious and nutritious meals they depend on. But she also wanted to do more.

Desiree and her husband, Chuck, joined the Bread & Butter Club and became monthly, sustaining donors. “Throughout 2020, I saw first-hand what love and care for others looks like. I wanted to support the work we’re doing as much as I could and setting up a monthly donation was an easy way to do that.”

A match from the Lu Foundation also meant that the first 12 months of Desiree’s new Bread & Butter Club membership were matched dollar for dollar.

Desiree says that as our digital marketing coordinator she is proud to share so many inspirational stories about Coloradans living with life-threatening illnesses and happy to support this “honorable work” in as many ways as she can.

You can be part of the Bread & Butter Club too! Join the Bread & Butter monthly giving program now and have your first 12 monthly gifts match by the Lu Foundation.