How To Get Meals

Delicious, Medically Tailored Meals Delivered To Your Door

Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers meals for people living with life-threatening illnesses. Our meals are made from scratch and tailored to meet each person’s unique nutritional and medical needs. Better nutrition means improved health and lower medical costs for people living with cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, and other illnesses. We offer six specialty diets, as well as additional modifications for people with specific food texture needs, religious preferences, dietary intolerances, and other unique needs.

We deliver within a 640-square mile region of metropolitan Denver (within the E-470/C-470 loop border and west into Golden) and a 164-square mile region in Colorado Springs. We also ship meals to rural Coloradans eligible to receive meals under a contract with a Meals for Care Transitions health care partner,

Clients can receive meals for as long as needed and may go on and off our service as their caregiver and medical needs change. Clients must be medically certified every year to remain eligible for our meals.


Because Jean’s heart disease, asthma, and debilitating arthritis made it nearly impossible for her to lift pots and pans, use a can opener, or shop for groceries, she wasn’t eating well…and her health suffered. Once she started receiving Project Angel Heart meals her health improved, so much so that doctors decided she no longer needed hospice care! She has regained the weight she lost and is now able to continue living independently. “I’m eating more regularly and getting better quality, well-balanced meals,” said Jean. “It’s been very beneficial to my health.”

Who We Serve

Our meals are available for people living with a life-threatening illness who are having trouble getting adequate, appropriate nutrition on their own.

A current diagnosis of a life-threatening illness and documented difficulty preparing or accessing healthy meals

Live within our delivery area or be a patient of a health care organization we’ve contracted with to provide meals for you

Age and income are not qualifying factors. We accept clients of all ages and income levels.

For You or a Loved One

If you or a loved one is living with a life-threatening illness and have difficulty shopping or cooking, we can provide you with nutritious, delicious, home-delivered meals.

For Your Patients

Does your patient need medically tailored meals to aid their recovery, help them avoid re-hospitalization, or improve their quality of life? We can help.

Info en Español

Project Angel Heart proporciona alimentos nutritivos, sin cargo, para quienes viven con enfermedades graves. Obtenga más información y descubra si califica para recibir comidas.